Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1kg lost

Hello guys,

I did mention that im trying  putting on healthy diet due to my weight yang massively increasing day-by-day.
I have tried with my own dieting schedule and menus, and it works!! hahahahahaha. I managed to practice my diet for one week and I lost1 kg! awesome tak? 
Some how this week, I was tersampuk with lapar-kalau-tak-makan-boleh-pengsan syndrome, soOOOOO.. i gained 2kg!!


Any recommendation to make sure that i stick to the healthy diet? 


Friday, March 10, 2017



Hello all,
sometimes,  I do feel stress on my PHD work. I am lost in the desert of  unfinished reading journals. No connection point that i could draw for the tons of journal that i have read. Everything looks separates. The journals that i read of course it comes from the same domain but it just cannot connect!! Its that means that the Ishikawa Fish Bone methodology need to be improved with a dotted line as the bone? Well, specially for my case lah kan. Or is my brain's function is deteriorating ? lol

For a person that is from industrial background like me, it really difficult for me to understand the research process. For us, we don't care about the affect of a product to the users perceived , we are looking at the technology perspective.  As long as the product do help the users daily works, it give us the satisfaction. Regardless the hard experience that users need to go through along the way to use our product.

ha kau!
seems like i am sharing something about my research then.. hahahahahaha.. Boring Boring Boring

ill find something interesting to write  again