Thursday, December 15, 2016

EOS 1 - End of semester one

Hi there, 

Sedar tak sedar i am at the end of my first  PHD semester. Not much of progress i would say. No final proposal has been delivered. No proposal defense, of course - dah proposal pun tak siap, haish!

However this final miles of the semester really makes my life tunggang-langgang. Everything need to be rushed. So many presentation need to prepare - walhal propposal pun tak siap - crying under table :(. LR seminar, RM Presentation, Research Group Colloquium. 

PHD student with a small kids need a lot of strategy . Seriously, you need to start what ever task as early as possible. You cannot be the last minutes person anymore. Yam sila sedar diri!!

wish me luck for my today's presentation. It almost 4am now, and im just completed the 8 pages slide. 8 page je pun, berjam jam ko stay up :P

Till then
Love u 

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