Monday, October 03, 2011

Kuching Trip Day 02

02 day was fun and tiring. - sorry, no pics. later i update ye

We woke up early and started our plan at 830 am. Finding a place for breakfast is quite challenging as i did not do research on good restaurant in Kuching. But, Alhamdullilah. On the way to the Cultural Village, i saw one of the famous restaurant that has been publish in many blogs di tepi flyover. So, there you go! We had good food here! A lot of variety, almost everything you can get it here.

The most famous meal at Kopi O Corner is their Roti Sardin Mayonis! Seriously, yUmmeHH!
Then, We straightly headed to Cultural Village with a full stomach. It takes about 30 minutes from Kuching to reach the Cultural Village. So far, we don't have any problems finding roads in Kuching as we are depending on the Papago GPS. You can find all the famous landmarks. No way can get sesat. Don't worry ye.

Cultural Village is ok, but the entrance fees is extra-extra-extra expensive. Tapi dah sampai sana, tak kan tak pegi pulak kan. So, we spend about half day memanjat setiap rumah suku-kaum di situ.

We had our lunch at the SCR Singapore Chiken Rice. The food is so-so aje, macam chicken rice shop la lebih kurang.

We were penat gile! Balik hotel tido!

Oh ya! we had a good dinner at Aneem's house. The home-made-cook dishes are awesome!! sedap-sangat-sampai-menjilat-pinggan . The foods are good, the people is nice hurmm it is perfecto la boleh cakap. We really had a good time.
Thanks to Aneem and family yang menghidangkan makanan tradisi Sarawak yang sangat sedap! Ade durian lagi.
Kami pun pulang ke Hotel dengan kekenyangan.
End day 02

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