Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Topi

Assalammualaikum All,
I am so busy during this fasting month that causes me not up update here.
Truly, there are lots lots lots of things lingering in my mind that i wish i could publish it here. Do u noticed that my page is no more fancy like good old days? No more photos, just a simple black and white wordings. How i was so frustrated due to losing my phone cable!!!
Good news! Last week i was able to transfer all photos and vids from my phone to my office PC.Cool ya!
So, be happy my deary blog. :)

Damn!, office network being insane! Who is the administrator i wanna kill him!! hahahahaha.. are you guys blocking any photo uploading to the blog??

Assobirun minal Iman, later i upload my lovely Adeena Fatihah with her RM5 topi..


just another ordinary person said...

alala adeena...kiutnyer...^_^

kka tinee said...

kiut nye adeena ..murah nye MR5 ..beli katner ..dia nak pakai tak? cahaya mmg sume tk mau pakai ...rimas katanye

Uwa said...

se cute maknya kan?

Kak tinee,
beli kat paso malam aje. hahahah. tula kadang2 dia cabut..geram je.