Thursday, April 14, 2011

Working Experience

Hai! still remember me?!
I have nothing to update, but my heart forces me to do so. So, end up i sacrificed lunch time to babbling here.
How long have you guys been in working life? Me? Almost 5 years in the industry. 2 weeks after submitted my thesis, i was offered as an equipment engineer at Onsemiconductor. Alhamdulillah!! So, i don't have any experience goyang kaki kat rumah after my graduation. Yela, setengah orang prefer to take a rest about 1 month then only start to search job kan. But, udah rezeki saya. I grab ajelah, and the pay is not bad $$.
It was stressful at the beginning as i need to do a lot equipment engineer work. I need to do PM/Service for ISMECA machine. Carry all those heavy module, stay all day long in the PM bay. Panjat machine in order to reach the laser machine. Play with the minyak griss. Every time before go to break need to tonyoh my hand and kuku. Kuku pun asyik hitam saja. :p
I went through a month training as an operator in the Final Test area. First of all, need to memorize all the reject criteria of the Final test area. All operator need to hafal and understand semua reject in their area. So, jangan pandang rendah dekat operator ye! Susah juga nak pass test reject criteria ni!! Let see if i still can remember any hurrmm.. lifted lead, contaminated lead, rough surface, void, bubble ...there are too many to mention here! :P
Training as an operator was an interesting experience. I will need to run the production, start a new lot. End lot. Calculate the output and Yeild. Jaga machine! that is the best part. When we are trusted to start and stop the machine. Basically, what ever operator do, I need to do. Masuk pukul 8pg terus g to production line until 5 baru keluar. Great! Penat jangan cakap la. Dalam production line tu mana ada kerusi! if have pun, need to share. usually people do inspection have priority to have the chair. So, berdiri all day long.
My job continue to Front End, i was assigned one project in the front end. There is no one helping me during this time as training period is already over and i need to start my project. So, pandai-pandai la. Masuk keluar training room. Cari semua file-file untuk reject criteria. Cari bonding diagram. hai.. so many things la. Tab signal from a machine, install xy table on the machine.calibrate. hahaha macam-macam pulak

I feel really fortunate that i have exposed to those experiences. It really make me understand what am i doing in my current position. Although i'm not in the production line, but maintaining a production system required those understanding. i guess :P
Feel sorry to my team, they were not expose to those experiences. And it makes they really struggling with their task now. Don't worry kawan-kawan, it just a beginning. Lepas ni sure korang terel gile!! :P One of my colleague who suppose to maintain a lot of production system do not know what is the basic process of our production line!! and he do not understand what is 'lot' term in manufacturing. Sepatutnye, kena bawak semua pekerja kena pergi line tour dulula.

Oklah, cukupla membebelan kak Yam untuk hari ini. Till then, Assalammualaikum


asFa said...

Last paragraph is so damn true k.yam. Tiap kali orang tanya apa yg FSL buat, terkial-kial saya nak explain. Sepatah haram x tau pe yang berlaku kt production line melainkan yang dibuat screen kt genesis tu. Hari-hari terahir baru masuk line. Kesian... Good luck k.yam kt tmpt baru =)

Uwa said...

tula. memang kat sini tak di dedahkan. Kalau nak tahu kena pergi sendiri tanya orang dalam line. Tapi dorang mmg sangat membantu, kak yam selalu je tanya dorang sbb mmg banyak gile pengetahuan yang boleh ditimba.
chewah. hahahahha

Teacher Yatee said...

terima kasih atas info.pasni nk wt part time leh tny ko heheheh...

Uwa said...

hahahha.buleh buleh