Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hospital Ampang.. Cantik juga

Went to Hospital Ampang yesterday. Cantik hospitalnya, or maybe all the government hospital has been upgraded. Lantai berkilat macam dekat alamanda. hahahahahah. and i hope the service will be as good as it looks.
i went here just to get an appointment date to see the specialist i guess?? My case was referred to here from Klinik Kesihatan Bt 9. So, in case deliver awal.. hospital dah standby. Oh, anak aku jadi orang KL pulak nanti :p

Still tak habis-habis dengan BSP problem ni, the doc want me to do another BSP on Sunday and come again on this Monday to review the result. I have done BSP twice, and the result is normal la. Hurmm.. takpela. Ape-ape yang terbaik for my baby.


This is .... said...

BSP tu apa ek? aku slalu dengar time buat checkup kat Balakong ni.. tapi, tak tau apa menda..

uswah said...

bsp tu gapo?? eh lawo hospitalnye!! in case ko terbersalin sini pun okeh! org kl pun org kl la! heheh