Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Semester II

It has been almost 5 months me as a student. 5 months I’m spending my working hours here in BLOCK F, UKM. I never share how is my office looks like, but today I uploaded it here. Nothing personal, just wanted to share with u guys. Btw, this pic was taken after a major process-pengemasan-meja being done. Plus, I have new pink carpet! So macam nak show-off la sikit
So, back to my study. 5 months! Such a long period. What I can say about my work satisfaction in this long period is terrible. My project never seems moving. I donno how to start.
Maybe study wasn’t my field.
Maybe it was a wrong step.
Whatever it is, I need to move on. Whether continue with my current study or not, put it aside. I believed, Allah has His plan for me. So, lets doa dipermudahkan segalanya. ~AMIN~


uswah said...

haha...kite pun merasai benda yang sama! marilah kita sama2 mendoakan kejayaan masing2.. huhuhuhu T_T semoga tabah sampai habis study 2 tahun

AALAA' said...

haha nak show off apenye karpet pink , nampak sekelumit je ha dalam gamba. hahaha