Friday, April 24, 2009

My feeling now

How do I start?
Finally.finally.finally. come my last day.
Feeling, bercampur-campur. Sedih, takut, release?
I will miss my cubicle which have pc+notebook (sebuah kampeni yang kaya). My bulky+ heaviest dell notebook (which orang selalu tegur, besarnya notebook dari orang yang bawaknya). My super canggih phone that i do not know what is other function beside then making call. Being amazed with netmeeting and conference call at the first time. I have gained a lot of experience here. My smallest size dou-yee shoes in this kilang with my colorfull color of 99sen socks some one call it kek lapis sarawak. hahahaha

And paling saya akan rindu adalah my friends! My MES team Elaine, KahWai, and Mike...and Mr Ang Kawan-kawan bergossip kak tinee and kak nang.. huk3.. The whole IT team.Ariff, Teoh, Faridah, Anan and my manager LE.sedih pulak bila nak cerita ni. With all the activity that we done together... such a sweet memory i have here.

MES team (Elaine, Kah wai, mike and me) kami sangat cute kan?

Lunch with super duper IT Manager first time eating huge kari kepala ikan
we played bowling together. i had my first mr Tempayaki with them..
Participated in Kaizen project and we won the gold. Dapat rm 133! yeay!!

Completed the FMO project, i get set of pen and sijil penghargaan.

Eating Yee-sang together... and lots lots lots activities that we done together. I cant list it all here. But, all those memories is still fresh in my mind. hehehehhe

Last but not least, my farewell. Sangat seronok! thanks every body.. also, my first time eat at Shogun.They have organized farewell yang sangat menarik untuk saya, and guess what?? our manager bagi 2jam off for it. I really have a good time!! Sob sob sob..
Sob sob sob.. better pen off now. nanti i menangis.. Thank you sOO much to everybody.. I will missing u guys.This is my last post from my super-bulky-notebook. i will miss u too Mrdell. Sangat sedih nak tinggalkan kenangan di sini. Walaupun hanya setahun saja, tapi sangat bermakna pada saya. Apa-apaun life must go-On kan? Harap semua wishing me all the best...and doakan kejayaan saya. Wish me luck for my master degree with flying colors result.. heheheehe..or maybe get a better job? hahahahha ~amin


hartinee said...

huhu hu ...sedaih arr .... take care girl ....lps ni tk boleh gossip dah ... apa apa keep in touch...

~Elaine Tam~ said...

*SOB*SOB*....sedih rasanyer baca last post about us in your blog.....*sob*sob*

Ingat, jaga diri bak-baik.....treat suami baik-baik...belajo baik-baik...keep in toucn for anything...ok....


Juin said...


u dun miss me!!! so bad mariam.... >.<

hudd said...

be positive k my dear! there's always a rainbow after the rain :) good luck in future undertaking!!!

uwa said...

kak tinee,
tu la pasal, miss gossip dengan korang la. huk9

heheheh.. tq for the wish.. u pun elok2 dengan kah wai kat sana.. heheheh

hahahah.. i miss u too la hui juin si tester paperwork. hahahah

thanks...doakan kejayaan saya yek.

Anonymous said...

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