Saturday, March 14, 2009

My messy day

Woke up for Subuh, back to bed again. K7700i snooze twice, get ready to office. Reached office at 801 am! Damn it!! Gone my rm60 for attendance allowance this month! Poor me.
I don’t know why I feel so thirsty with something sweet and cold at 9am today. I ask my super-model-team-mate rm1 shilling as I am going to buy something at the vending machine. End up, I bought kacip Fatimah with ice which cost me 80cent. Actually I really need some thing sweet! I used to drink plain water because it free at canteen and my house don’t have fridge to keep all those drinks.
I know I cannot drink Kacip Kak Timah! I have done a lot of experiment on it. But dunno what is my tiny brain is thinking today. There u go.. I really had a headache and stomachache right after I drank the whole cup of Kacip Kak Timah. I cannot focus; I am sweating although I am in full aircond area. I cannot sit properly. I cannot think properly. Everything is a mess! I try to drink a lot of plain water which I think it will neutralize all the kacip kak timah in me. But it useless!
Suddenly one system under me having problem. Luckily is not a major problem. Need to ask help the admin to recopy the latest file.
I went for lunch with an empty stomach and a dizzy head. I don’t eat anything except having Kacip kak Fatimah this morning. I need to queue up almost 15 minutes to get the most-delicious-meal of the day. Kuew Tiew Goreng Basah.
Went back at 5pm sharp. My head still dizzy and my heart pumping very fast, syndrome Kacip Kak Timah is still in me. I could not drive properly and I could not think correctly. Tawakkaltu Allah.
I missed the junction to my house, as I don’t think I can over take a slow lorry beside me. I do not know what I was thinking! Actually I can over take the lorry, but I just could not make a correct judgment. I need to U-turn at the second junction.
I stop at pasar malam, thinking to buy kerepok nipis. After buying it, suddenly I saw murtabak. So, I bought murtabak ayam. And suddenly I feel like eating nugget and hotdog, but I could not remember which of the stall is selling it. It only has less than 20 stalls that open, but could not recall it. Never mind, then I bought bubur ayam! Then, I round at tudung side. And I bought tudung Ikin which cost rm 5 per piece. You know what, I not look like Ikin after wearing it but I look like Soleha! The Indonesian sinetron. Kembung-kembung kat depan tu.
Never mind. And not to forget I do bough 4 mangos! Usually I only will buy one main dish and cendol, not like today, looks like am shopping at the pasar malam. See. All because Kacip kak Timah.

OMG! It already 00:49! And am not sleeping yet? Is it still the Kacip Kak Timah Syndrom? Hahahahah. Pen off now. nite.
btw, i know that my english is not good. I am on the way to improving it. Wish me luck.


~Elaine Tam~ said...

Hellllooo...Siapa itu "super-model-team-mate" =_____="...

Mana la i dapat gelaran tu..Sabar je la...

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Errr, BTW, apa tu Kacip Kak Timah? Similar like tongkat ali is it? But this one for women?


Uwa said...

super-model-team-mate tu adalah. orang tu hari hari datang office cantik aje. suka je i tengok hehehehehe.(^-^)

Kacip kak timah = is pearl kacip fatimah.The vending machine is selling it. Ya, correct! it is similiar to tongkat ali but this one for women. Eh, try la. See, it u get the syndrom or not. hahahhaha..

~Elaine Tam~ said...

Hmmmmm, tongkat ali for "women"...Hmmmmm...Hahahahah!

You got that symptom maybe because not drinking enuf kot...You should drink more than a cup, maybe those symptom will gone...And u will get STRONGER! *hahahahaha*

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Anonymous said...

Sow nothing, reap nothing.