Saturday, February 07, 2009


I Last night I received sms from one of my VIP person in my life that sound like this:
"....bla bla bla..Pooodah!"
I think it would be just nothing to anyone that received it. But for me, it really breaks my heart. Am I to sensitive? I read through internet to get what exactly Pooodah means, of kosla it is not in kamus bahasa. But mojority who used this word is to menghalau la. Is that what the sms sender wanted to tell me?

I never felt like this before. Hurmm..I would like to make an apologies to everybody who knows me, if I ever break their heart like what am feeling now. I am sure sometimes I use more than Pooodah! word to describe my dissatisfaction. Please forgive me.

Ok! Enaf of sedih sedih mood. Whatever it is, yang penting kita mesti enjoy!! =P

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