Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Suddenly, my company extended their shout-down period from one week to two weeks. Hurmm, how bad the economic situation rite now kan? Seems like my company majorly impacted by the slowing down of the global economic. The situation is super-duper challenging for the top management on how to maintain the company from closing down.
And yes, as part of the plan to reduce the cash management flow, our salary has been cut off. Im not sure how much the amount is and how they calculate it. (although, im the one who maintain the system~~:p) But, for an employee with salary range like me, I can guarantee that we will lost more then RM 500 for this month. Such a big amount for me! Nak baya kereta lagi, preparation for my wedding lagi..hurmm..but what we can do? Ada kerja is better than jobless rite?

Thinking of continuing my studies, but still under consideration as Mr Su did not finalize on which uni I should apply. So, until that I will be seeing my salary being cut off sikit demi sedikit and it really hurts!

So, to all readers please pray for economy to get better. So, we can have a better life. Btw, I heard my current company is looking for a share partner, anyone interested? hehehehee


Ezmah said...

wa, cik yam....

that worst ker?...adoi......mcm mane tue? baru jer dpt email from mgmt ker aper?.....seriously that bad huh?.....FC xder citer aper?

uwa said...

sangat teruk la cik ezmah oi!
On ok ke?
manufacturing mmg nazak sekarang ni.
help help help