Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The person who should give knowledge transfer to me about at-Com on medical leave today and oso semalam! And last week she only shown at office in two days. How am i suppose to do? Nak tanya siapa? My big boss keep on mentioning my name in every single meeting regarding this thing! And me still blankly donkey about it! And my sv said, the previous owner for the system maybe will be terminated earlier than her last day!!Seriously, i damn nervous now!

Petang tadi, have some chit chat with the users, which is the HR officer.
me : wey amacam at-com ok ka?
Hr: why r u asking?
me: i take over la, sonia resign. Tarak tahu ke?
Hr: ko kecik? hahahahhaa..habis la ko kecik. Terlalu banyak prob! ko tau last month system salah kire. Seorang employee dapat 30k gaji dia. Nasib baik, dia jujur and datang balik.
me: ayak?! so, teruk meh the system! Freaking me out la...huk4

See, the system was bloody damn teruk! How they can survive for this 3 years after the system been implemented?
What approach i should take to solve this? hmmm.. this is tuff!
Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segalanya bagi hambamu ini ~ Amin
Btw, my comformation date overdue one day redi. It is a good sign for me to find other job? Ke terima je tawaran master tu eh? Jauh sangat JB tu!

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