Thursday, September 11, 2008


how can I forget to take it? I have remind myself to take it 15min b4 going back! And I oso belagak with nazrin si budak practical that I won’t leave the thing about 30 min b4 going back. Hahahahaha. Tula sapa suruh belagak-lagak. Padan muka.
This blacky-small-flat- box is soOo important to me, in fact it is so so so berharga to my entire life. Most of my sweet-sweet and sour sour memory was stored in that tiny liitle box. Cheh, tiny ke? Hehehehehehe. And most of the precious secret semua was compress dipress kat dalam tu.

YaALLAh, please don’t make anyone see my mrblacky-box which I left it under my office table and it still attach to da pc.huk3.. matilah gue kalau esok tak ada! Habis, punah!

Btw, my laptop just been formatted.(ada ke perkataan formatted?). Do u know Y? Coz, my gianty laptop ni cannot connect to the internet using CELCOM broadband vadofone modem. Infra team advice to format, so…there u go, formatted redi. And rite now I still cannot access the internet using that hi-tech device!
Ponat ajela, mengformat and all this thingy menyebabkan I left my precious mrblacky-box dekat office..grrrrr….

Oklah, nak tido. Doakan Mrblacky-box masih disituuuuuuuuuuuuu~~(aicheh macam lagu pulak)

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