Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Finally! I've got the offer letter from Spansion, KL. My position would be an engineer 2 , in IT Dept. The job scope should be far-far different from my current job. And it was GOOd! But, it just from thought je. The real one, need to wait le. The offer letter stated that my commencement date on 7 April 2008. It just too sooon! Im just not prepared. How am going to pass over all my projects and my stuff? I only left 2 working days. And Im not yet tendered my resigning letter! Hish hish hish and hish! My boss taking his home sweet time, took half day leave pulak today. I plan to tender my resign today, but macam-macam pula yang jadinya. Hmmmm..
I have asked spansion to postpone my report duty date to 21 or 14. Tomorrow, i will get the answer how. Actually, they rush me to report early because my new manager will go to US for 6 months on 11 April. So, they afraid that i will be" terkontang kanting" because no one will brief about my job responsibility. I suppose that, i will have my supervisor to guide me there. Entahla, really hope that i need some gap between my current job and my new job. I need some rest. Need to recharge myself before start new things.
Sounds mengada-ngada kan? But it just tOoooo sOOOon!

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