Monday, February 25, 2008


830 : had meeting with tua kutuk. Everything goes find. And i mention about me, want to resign in the short timing. Hahahaha..He seems to be understand, he asked me about TI. Saje nak suruh haku blah ah tu!
935 : Morning break. Eating mee goreng panas, which only cost rm1.5 je. Air, teh O panas. As usual, tak habis pun makan.
1000: Start doing the coding. Felt blur on where should i start. Pening dong! Sbb 2 hari dah tak buka. Ahahahahah
1100 : I am stuck ! Cannot think anything! See for help! which is disaster!! hahahha..
1230 : Baru balik dari kecelakaan...need to see kecelakaan at 14 pulak!
1822: Baru habis dari kecelakaan sekali lagi from 14 tadi!

Pergh!! Mati Gue hari2 kayak gini

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