Friday, January 18, 2008


Today is Vickey's last day. We were in the same team before. He was damn sOo happy today! Smiling all the time!! Lucky him! He had chance to leave ONhell! He is going to Ericsson, and the pay was good! Hoping that i will get something like him..Pleaseeeeeeeee..BUt, i'm still stuck in here!! Can u imagine the feeling being stuck! Sangkut! Cannot move, although we really want to move!! It is really torturing me!!
Am i lucky? I have 2 interview for next week. One is for IBM(thanks Farah) another one is for SONY. Both position is in Costumer Service. im confused!! I dunno what kind of job that i want. Do i really want to do costumer service job? Am i down-grading myself? From engineer become officer?? Dah la saya ni suka marah2 orang customer service.Ni nak jadi pulak. haiyooh! Oh Western Digital, im bagging u. Please la call me for the second interview!!

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