Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 days of training

Right now i am having my six sigma yellow belt training for Improve and Control phase. Today is the second day. Sepatah haram pun saya tak paham. See..still have time to update this blog while in class..hahahah~~selambe! And the best thing is, I'm not even bother the second instructor sitting at the back of the class. I enjoy chit-chatting and Gossiping with FARAH yang looks like KECUAKAN on her new jobs trough YM.HAhahahaha..Lek2 Farah, cool je!
Linda and Mas which sited just beside me belakon kunun- kunun concentrate with the class..hahaha~~Linda pulak, suddenly kesedu..Lawaks bangat! Oklah, izinkan saya focus semula pada class aicheh!

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