Friday, November 02, 2007

Terrible, horrible, miserable

Hohooho..pening nak pikirkannye..
Masuk harini dah 3 days beturut2 saya pulang lewat ke rumah!!ayayai.N masa kerja..sangat lah penat..sebab kena berdiri dengan lamanye.Can u image about 5 hour of my working hours saya berdiri?N can u imagine in 5 hour saya berdiri saya akn berdiri at least 2 hour non stop eh..non duduk..huhuhuhu.Sangat sakit tumit saya..bagaikan nak tumbuh lagi satu tumit rasenye.Then mariam azwa akn buat aksi taknak pakai kasut di line..hahahahha..siyes rase dah xnak pakai kasut da..

Btw..along this 3 days, we(me n then) has tested his(then’s) project. “Agilent Vision Conversion".menda ni sbb nak replace existing vision that we bought from vendor n sbb dah lama..vendor dah tak nak datang to support.sOO..we r migrating it to inhouse punya softwarela.. faham x?hahahhaha...This damn susah punya project shold be completed by end of this year. According to the schedule la kan.But till now it was still under testing stage .the code, hardware stup,triggering,monitor,keyboard,signal,wiring and all the things was done by then before.
Me!! Me!!! And again ME!!!Mariam azwa the blurry and ntah papenye vision engineer was assigned to continue the damn project as then is resigning!!!And he only left about 4 days in ONHELL…what the HELL la kan..huuhuh~~~it is a hard time 4 me!! Ive tried to go through the code, but coz im not that good n usually get bored with looking at the bunch of same dull character on the skrin….soooOoO…I just can tahan about 1 hours per day to understand the code.hahahhaha…teruk betoi la…I need something Interactive! Yang ade calor2 ke..animation ke.. Programming is a dull thing!!!! Serious!!!
Ok, lets talk about tesing the progam..i don’t think that this program can be by off by QA before then leave…sbbnye tOoo much of bugs!!! It creates a lot of over rejects and under rejects!!!
Operator need to do reworks for the unit that go through under this damn program!.hahahahha..Sooo…after this all this issue akan berada diatas bahu Seorang budak pendek dan gemuk bernama mariam azwa!!she need to manage all the rejects.. n she need to fanned out to 7 machine.hahhahaha..ajaiblah kalau budak pendek n gemuk itu mampu lakukan.. And one more thing, my work load semakin bertambah!!! Saya ade more then 100 machine to take care!! 1 technician and budak pendek dan gumuk itu..hahahhaha

Oklah..i really pray that I will get new job…u guys pray for me jugak eh..oklah maybe new job is TOOOO much..
At least an interview…huuhuhuh~~~

Btw, 2 morrow im going for midveli…soping2…walaupun duit xde!!hahhaha…tapi kad kredit ade… bulan depan baru baya..huahauuahuahuahuahah

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