Tuesday, October 23, 2007

bond 2 years yang paling bodo!

hish...i do not know how long i can stand with this situation!! Contract 2 years yang paling bodoh i ever seen in my entire life!! n i am alsoOOOOOOOOOOOOO bodo jugak go n sign the contract bodo!!! everyting is BOdo la at this moment! my boss also bodo!!!wawawwawwawawawa..terasa diri ini sangat bodo!hentah lah...serious!! im suffering now!!!
Semua opismate dah keluar from this onHELL!! only 3 left, tu pun tunggu masa je..one indian boy,china girl,and me!!haiyoooOoO..really hard to decribe the situation n my feeling la..seeing people leaving everyday..techinician juga sama..semua macam nak lari from this "TOO BAD CAMPANY TO WORK WITH"<--mrs gew said!!!hahahhaha..
actually i have went through almost half of my contract!!Big achievement kan?? dont u think so?? one year in manufacturing industry... on 19/12 i will complete my 1yer.but, it still have 2 months to go!!wawawawaw.. i wish masa akan berlalu dengan cepat!!!cepat!!! teramat cepat!!!
nanti i sambung lagi la.. xde mood!

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