Tuesday, July 24, 2007

rase macam bola

huuhuh..bad news or good news ek??? im so confused!!! should me be worry?? or should me menyahut cabaran??hak3..oklah.. around 145 i was called by my boss for reassigning me as EQUIPMENT ENGINEER YANG PENING to be engineer yang dah tak pening dah..huhuhuhu~~~ punyalah lama..about 3pm baru lah my meeting finish.eh can call meeting keh?? lantak ah!!!...in the discussion i was asked about my work n my feeling towards my work... im so confused to asnwer the question la..oklah..esok baru sambung..

etahlah,,feeling sangat2 lah geram with myself..i should be happy kan.. i have new assignment!! new Challenge!!...but.. hentah lah..maybe i just dunt like this job!!hahhaha..saper suh ko sain the contract in da first place?? they u go.. i keep on blaminn on myself!!! itu xbagus mariam azwa..but blaming others is worse kan!! baik sedar diri je ..rite>???isk!!! i just dont like this feeling...help me..help me!!!!

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